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Our Work

Applimatix has had the good fortune to be involved in some very interesting projects for some great clients. Apps that have utilised the majority of the technological and hardware features available on modern mobile platforms. But let's face it, to be successful your app will need to be stunningly beautiful as well! We're only too happy for our designers or yours to polish your creation. So if you are looking to build native apps for either the Android or iOS platforms then please get in touch.


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About Us

Lead by Mike Shaw, Applimatix is a mobile app development company that has decades of experience in UX design & software development. A highly committed and focused group of professionals transform ideas & visions into reality, all the while never losing sight of the goals of the project.

Taking a very pragmatic view on all phases of development we won't let you fall in a hole without at least warning you first. We'll ensure that you have the full picture as well as our considered opinion on every decision you take. If you still insist well... we'll make sure you get the best outcome regardless.

After years spent delivering web solutions before turning to mobile we have a vast knowledge of the Internet and it's intrinsic place within mobile applications. We understand the requirements needed for connected apps to succeed even when the device they are on is perhaps a little disconnected.

Remember the wild west period of the browser wars (and beyond), no? We do and we are fully aware of just how frustrating it can be to ensure pixel perfect implementation across a wide range of devices. We ensure all our projects degrade gracefully when reduced screen real estate, hardware or platform features become an issue.

But we also understand that this may be your first adventure with mobile apps so we will do our best to make sure you feel comfortable with all the technological wizardry and the various buzzwords you'll hear. After all we don't want this to be your last adventure. Now that so many people have enough computing power in their pocket to launch the first moon rockets, it's an exciting time to be in software.


For more information on Applimatix, the work we do or more importantly how we can help you, please send us a message. If you'd prefer include your number and we'll get back to you by phone.